38923473_mBy definition cosmetic dentistry refers to dentistry that improves appearance. It can be confusing to make decisions about oral health options when you see these words. How can you know if cosmetic dentistry is the right option for you? Well, the answer is going to be related to our personal goals for your mouth and teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is highly focus on giving you the best and brightest smile possible, and does emphasize appearance. There are a variety of procedures to address many different issues.

Cosmetic dentistry is a subsection of dentistry that usually includes procedures that correct the appearance of discoloration, tooth loss, and crooked teeth. Teeth whitening is a common, quick and easy procedure to brighten and whiten teeth. Veneers cover teeth like a cap to cover permanent discoloration, chips and surface inconsistencies, or crooked teeth. Bridges and crowns can be used to improve the look of badly damaged or decayed teeth. Dental implants are also an option depending on the circumstances of the decay or damage. And braces or clear plastic aligners are an option to adjust your bite, straighten teeth, as well as correct jaw alignment problems.

Based on the examples of the kind of work that cosmetic dentist address, you can see that the effort is first on improving the look your teeth. However, some procedures improve your overall oral health as well. Some of these procedures can improve the alignment of your bite and therefore they improve your ability to talk and eat. Some make it easier for your teeth to be cleaned and prevent tooth decay. Some procedures protect the underlying bone and roots of your teeth. Although looks are the priority, cosmetic dentistry is often practical as well.

The true answer to whether cosmetic dentistry is right for you relies on your individual goals. If appearance is important to you, then you’re not alone. A beautiful smile can have a huge effect on your confidence. Cosmetic dentistry is often a great option to correct issues that affect the confidence you have in your smile. Talking to your dentist about your concerns will give the best idea of what kind of solutions are available to you and get you on the track to smiling proudly again.